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Wenn mein Stuendlein vorhanden ist.


When once in turn my hour is here,

And I shall hence betake me,

Then, O Lord Jesus, keep thou near,

With help do not forsake me;

My soul then at my final end

Into thy hand I do commend:

Thou wilt, Lord, safely guard it.

2. My sins will press my heart with care,

My conscience will accuse me,

For they are many, yet despair

With doubts shall not confuse me;

I will remember, Lord, thy death,

And wounds, and words of thy last breath:

Yea, these will then sustain me.

3. Lord, of thy body I am part:

This membership doth cheer me,

’Mid woe and throes of death, my heart

Inseparate is near thee.

And though I die, I die to thee,

Eternal life hast thou for me,

Lord, by thy dying purchased.

4. Since thou art risen from the tomb,

I shall not therein languish;

Thy Ascent cheers me in the gloom,

Doth even death-fear vanquish;

For where thou art, there shall I be,

That I may ever live with thee:

Hence I depart rejoicing.

5. ’Tis well! I part, by Jesus blest;

To Him will I betake me:

Thus fall asleep and gently rest,

No mortal can awake me.

And Christ, the Lord, to whom I flee,

Will open heaven’s door to me,

Lead me to life eternal.

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