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Nun sich der Tag geendet hat.


Since now the day hath reached its close,

And sun-light shines no more,

In sleep the toil-worn find repose,

And all who wept before.

2. But thou, my God, no rest doth know,

No slumber locks thy sight,

Thou hatest darkness as thy foe,

Since thou, thyself, art Light.

3. O Lord, I pray, remember me

In this beclouded night,

And grant to me most graciously

The shield of thy great might.

4. And foil thou satan’s purpose fell

Through thy swift angel-arm;

Then free from care I’ll rest me well

And safe from every harm.

5. I feel indeed through guilt undone,

It cries aloud to thee;

But, yet, the mercy of thy Son

Hath full atoned for me.

6. Him I present thee as my Bail,

As suppliant at thy feet;

With such Assurance I’ll not fail

Before thy Judgment-seat.

7. And hereupon my eyes I close,

And fall asleep heart-glad,

My God doth watch o’er my repose,

Why should my heart be sad?

8. Depart vain thoughts and fancies, flee!

Draw not my mind abroad,

My heart, as temple, shall now be

Devoted to my God.

9. And thus I live and die to thee,

Thou Sabaoth strong, indeed!

In life and death thou helpest me

From every fear and need!

10. Should this night prove the last for me

In this sad vale of tears,

Then lead me, Lord, in heaven to thee

And thy elect compeers.

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