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Hymns and Hymnology by Title

Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion (fifteenth edition) (Samuel Longfellow)

Breaking Crucible: and Other Translations of German Hymns (James Waddell Alexander)

Chorale Book for England (Catherine Winkworth)

Christian Hymn Book: A Compilation of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Original and Selected: Revised and Expanded (J.M. Campbell)

Christian Hymns of the First Three Centuries (Ruth Ellis Messenger)

Christian Singers of Germany (Catherine Winkworth)

Christian Year (John Keble)

Christmas Carols New and Old (Henry Ramsden Bramley)

Collection of Gospel Songs in Ojibway and English (IECMAN)

Collection of Hymns, for the Use of the People Called Methodists (John Wesley)

Complete Poetical Works (William Cowper)

Cumulative Indexes to the Hymn Translations of Catherine Winkworth (Catherine Winkworth)

Dictionary of Hymnology: Volume 1 (Setting forth the origin and history of Christian hymns of all ages and nations) (John Julian)

Dictionary of Hymnology: Volume 2 (Setting forth the origin and history of Christian hymns of all ages and nations) (John Julian)

Divine and Moral Songs (Isaac Watts)

Dream of Gerontius (John Henry Newman)

Favourite Welsh Hymns (Joseph Morris)

Hymn Writers of the Church (Charles S. Nutter)

Hymnal [of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA] (Anonymous)

Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark (J. C. Aaberg)

Hymns and Meditations (Miss Anna L. Waring)

Hymns from the East (John Brownlie)

Hymns From the German (Frances Elizabeth Cox)

Hymns from the Greek Office Books (John Brownlie)

Hymns from the Land of Luther (Jane Borthwick)

Hymns from the Morningland (John Brownlie)

Hymns of Methodism in their Literary Relations (Henry Bett)

Hymns of Prudentius translated by R. Martin Pope (Aurelius Prudentius)

Hymns of Ter Steegen and Others (Second Series) (Frances Bevan)

Hymns of Ter Steegen, Suso, and Others (Frances Bevan)

Hymns of the Apostolic Church (John Brownlie)

Hymns of the Early Church (John Brownlie)

Hymns of the Early Church: Translations from the Poetry of the Latin Church (John Brownlie)

Hymns of the Eastern Church (John Mason Neale)

Hymns of the Greek Church (John Brownlie)

Hymns of the Holy Eastern Church (John Brownlie)

Hymns of the Russian Church (John Brownlie)

Hymns of Wesley and Watts: Five Papers (Bernard L. Manning)

Indexes to Hymn Translations by John Brownlie (John Brownlie)

Indian Methodist Hymn-Book (Thomas Crosby)

John Calvin and the Psalmody of the Reformed Churches (Louis Fitzgerald Benson)

Kept for the Master's Use (Frances Ridley Havergal)

Lutheran Hymnal (Anonymous)

Lyra Germanica: Second Series: The Christian Life (Catherine Winkworth)

Lyra Germanica: The Christian Year (Catherine Winkworth)

Messiah (George Frideric Handel)

Olney Hymns (John Newton)

Passion-Hymns of Iceland (C.V. Pilcher)

Paul Gerhardt as a Hymn Writer and his Influence on English Hymnody (Theodore Brown Hewitt)

Paul Gerhardt’s “Spiritual Songs” (Paul Gerhardt)

Pearl (Ephraim of Syria)

Priest to the Temple, or, The Country Parson his Character and Rule of Holy Life (George Herbert)

Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts (Isaac Watts)

Sacred Hymns From the German (Frances Elizabeth Cox)

Sacred Poems and Hymns (James Montgomery)

Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases (Anonymous)

Songs and Hymns of the Earliest Greek Christian Poets (Allen W. Chatfield)

Southern Harmony (William Walker)

Southern Harmony (William Walker)

Story of Our Hymns (Ernest Edwin Ryden)

Sweet Singers of Wales (Howell Elvet Lewis)

Temple (George Herbert)

Thy Sea is Great, Our Boats are Small (Henry Van Dyke)

Translations from the French of Madame de la Mothe Guion (William Cowper)

Treasury of Sacred Song (Francis T. Palgrave)

Young's Night Thoughts (Edward Young)