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Soul of Prayer

by P. T. Forsyth

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This book challenges its reader, convicting like a refining fire. As a theologian, Forsyth had first admired the liberal theology of the late 19th century, but then had abandoned it, feeling that it failed to address the seriousness of sin and justice. In this devotional examination of prayer, Forsyth prompts readers to probe their hearts as they commune with God. He delves deeply into human motivations, values, and understanding, surveying prayer’s practice and purpose at its most visceral foundations. Though difficult to read at times because so involved, those who study Forsyth’s book often come to treasure the experience.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff
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About P. T. Forsyth
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P. T. Forsyth
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia
Born: 1848
Died: 1921
Related topics: Art and religion, Atonement, Christology, Congregational churches, Forsyth, Peter Taylor,--1848-1921
Basic information: Peter Taylor Forsyth, also known as P. T. Forsyth, (1848-1921) was a Scottish theologian. The son of a postman, Forsyth studied at the University of Aberdeen and then in Göttingen. He was ordained into the Congregational ministry and served churches as pastor at Bradford, Manchester, Leicester and Cambridge, before becoming Principal of Hackney College, London (later subsumed into the University of London) in 1901.
Popular works: Soul of Prayer, Work of Christ