Scripture (HTML)

The content presented in the Study Bible can be accessed in raw HTML form for usage on outside sites.

The base url for this API is and additional parameters will indicate what to retrieve.

To limit the selection to a specific version set the 'version' parameter to the abbreviation of the Bible version you want to request. This parameter is optional and defaults to NRSV.

To select the passage the passage parameter must be set in the following manner: book_chapter:start-end (matthew_1:1-5). The verse end is optional, if you only want one verse for instance, and selecting verses at all is optional, if you want the whole chapter. The chapter is optional but will default to chapter 1 as this service is restricted to a single chapter per request.

An example of a complete request url should look like

Work Fragments (XML) not only offers the ability to retrieve individual passages of scripture but also sections or quotations from the many works that make up the library. In order to retrieve a fragment of a work the 'fragment' parameter needs to be added to the end of the appropriate reader page url.

The fragment parameter takes the form of fragment=(sectionID startoffset endoffset). Any number of fragments can be added into the parameter.

For the reader page a use of the fragment api might look like 39 92)(ii-p3 297 68)

Work sections (HTML)

The content HTML of a work section can be retrieved by adding ?html=true to the end of any section url.