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38He said, “Lord, I believe.” And he worshiped him.

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38. And he worshipped him. It may be asked, Did the blind man honor or worship Christ as God? 275275     “Si l’aveugle a honore ou adore Christ comme Dieu.” The word which the Evangelist employs (προσέκυνησει) means nothing more than to express respect and homage by bending the knee, or by other signs. For my own part, certainly, I think that it denotes something rare and uncommon; namely, that the blind man gave far more honor to Christ than to an ordinary man, or even to a prophet. And yet I do not think that at that time he had made such progress as to know that Christ was God manifested in the flesh. What then is meant by worship? The blind man, convinced that Jesus was the Son of God, nearly lost the command of himself, and, in rapturous admiration, bowed down before him.