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4And when the chief shepherd appears, you will win the crown of glory that never fades away.

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4. And—"And so": as the result of "being ensamples" (1Pe 5:3).

chief Shepherd—the title peculiarly Christ's own, not Peter's or the pope's.

when … shall appearGreek, "be manifested" (Col 3:4). Faith serves the Lord while still unseen.

crownGreek, "stephanos," a garland of victory, the prize in the Grecian games, woven of ivy, parsley, myrtle, olive, or oak. Our crown is distinguished from theirs in that it is "incorruptible" and "fadeth not away," as the leaves of theirs soon did. "The crown of life." Not a kingly "crown" (a different Greek word, diadema): the prerogative of the Lord Jesus (Re 19:12).

gloryGreek, "the glory," namely, to be then revealed (1Pe 5:1; 1Pe 4:13).

that fadeth not awayGreek, "amaranthine" (compare 1Pe 1:4).