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Researching a Bible Passage at the CCEL

There are various ways to search for commentaries and other resources for a scripture reference. We’ll highlight three of the ways here.

One is to click the Study Bible link on the left sidebar of the home page. Then click the chapter and verse you are interested in. You’ll see categorized Bible versions, commentaries, other resources, and likely hundreds of references to the verse in CCEL books. This is probably the easiest technique.

A slightly more powerful approach is to use the Scripture tab under the Search tab. This method lets you search for references and commentary on a range of verses, e.g. Matt. 5:8-12. However, it doesn’t return book references, because for a range of verses, there could be thousands. One of the Advanced Search options will enable you to do the most powerful scripture reference searches, looking for references to particular verses in the Early Church Fathers, for example, or in the writings of a particular author.

In addition, if you type a phrase from a Bible passage into the scripture search window, you can search for it in all CCEL bibles.

If you would like a two-pane view, with a Bible passage on the left and a commentary or other resource on the right, you can use the Bible tab on the home page. Also, with this interface, there are buttons for the next chapter or verse.

All three options access the same data. They are really just variations in the method of selecting a verse and viewing results.