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Novelist Reynolds Price claims that Jesus' teaching "has resulted in the most far-reaching movements of mercy, tolerance and human freedom..." ("Jesus of Nazareth: Then and Now," Time, Dec 6, 1999, p. 94). For this reason he also asserts that Jesus' words in Matthew 11:28-29, "Come to me," offer the old welcome. Even though Price professes that Jesus cured him from cancer, he cannot accept Jesus' final instruction to his disciples in Matthew 28:18-20.

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God' Love and Missions

Dear brethren,

Whilst I believe that there is no more compelling case for Christian Missions than our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, I am increasingly concerned that "Mission" is constrained to the activity of going into other lands or nations to share the gospel of God. I believe that whilst there is and will always be a need to send missionaries out especially to remote places where Lord Jesus is not known, we can also be missionaries wherever God has planted us....in our businesses, local communities, families, schools and other places.

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I kinda agree with you... but not so much [edited]

I think there is a difference in terms between Local evangelism and "missions." Local evangelism = sharing Christ with those around us. Missionary work = a person is called by God and affirmed by their church or community to be SENT OUT to a place and do a specific work. The movie Malatya [ad removed] is a perfect example. In the documentary A Turkish pastor, a Turkish lay person and a German missionary were killed by Muslim extremists for their work of spreading the gospel. It is no more or less noble that the German man was a "missionary" the other men were also making huge sacrifices as a local Christian doing evangelism among an unreached people and as a Christian Pastor working among the hardest places in the world.

That's my opinion.