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Discuss What Makes a Sermon a Good Sermon?

What Makes a Sermon a Good Sermon?


For the past couple of years I've been asking adult education classes I've been conducting on sermon-listening, What makes a sermon a good sermon? I explain that I'm not looking for "the right answer." Rather, I want to know how thoughtful listeners honestly evaluate the sermons they hear week in and week out. The answers I've been hearing are very helpful. They fall into roughly three clusters.

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This is a comment I frequently hear "sometimes in church the word is preached and there is shouting handcapping hallelujahs and in the end what have they learned. I have been a part of worship experience where there have been what I call high in the spirit and praise and there has been shouting and a lot of vocal exclaimations of praise as a result of the preach word and during some of these experiences I cant say that the outcome was me learning something but it has been an experience were I have seen and felt burdens lifed, life changes, and was just reminded of God's goodness. My question or thought is does a sermon always have to a learning experience? Would be correct or safe to say that a sermon can simply be a message of conviction or one that causes the listeners to praise God and walk away feeling the goodness of God!

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3 clusters of a good sermon

I like this article on 3 clusters of a good sermon. I’ve also heard of another three makings of a good sermon: 1.) Speak the Word, 2.) Claim the Name, 3.)Plead the Blood. The Talley Trio even has a beautiful song out by the same title.