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Toward Bemerton:

George Herbert mentioned in the Lincoln Chapter Acts as already a deacon.

Drawing of Lincoln Cathedral in the 17th Century with transept tower and twin spires

Lincoln Cathedral with its Twin Towers

Lincoln Cathedral (Late Gothic Interior)

Leighton Bromswold (Leighton Ecclesia), Huntingdonshire

5 July 1626: George Herbert, already a deacon, was instituted by proxy into the canonry and prebend of Leighton Ecclesia. He raised money and support for this church.

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Leighton Bromswold Nave and Altar

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"View from Llandinam towards Llaniddloes." Sketch 1805 by Thomas Stothard 1755-1834 (Tate Collection, London)

George Herbert was a comportioner, i.e. one of two, who held the rectory of Llandinam, Powys, Wales from 6 December 1624 until his death.

Little Gidding, Huntingdonshire:

Nicholas Ferrar Nicholas Ferrar, received the manuscript with the option and responsibility for publishing Herbert's The Temple.

The Church at Little Gidding. Maintained by Nicholas Ferrar and his pious friends.

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The Interior of Nave, Choir, Altar and Window of Little Gidding

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