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Trinity College, Cambridge University:

1608, George Herbert elected to Trinity College. He matriculated 18 December 1609

3 October 1614, elected minor fellow

15 March 1615/16, elected major fellow

1616, proceeded to masters

Trinity College Gate (Chapel on the Left)

[Tour and Map of Trinity College, Cambridge official site]

Trinity College Court

Trinity College Hall (Etching)

[For other etchings of Trinity College see Southwest College, Houston, site]



Cambridge University:

11 June (St. Barnabas Day) 1618, appointed Praelector or Reader in Rhetoric

Cambridge University, Senate House

Where George Herbert was installed as Orator of the University, 21 January 1619/20

Kings College Chapel,
Cambridge University
Fan Vaulting in Tudor Gothic

Inside Kings College Chapel

King James I Union Flag of Great Britain, 1606-1801 [LINK to flag history] King James the First, of Great Britain. (b. 1566 r.1603-1625)
Royal Arms 1603- [LINK to geneology] Given credit for translating the King James (or Authorized 1611) Version of the Bible which has had a great influence on British and American Literature.
Herbert wrote a letter in Latin thanking James for a book he wrote and gave to the Cambridge Library.
James commented on Herbert's piety and gave permission for him to become Pastor at Fugglestone St. Peter and Bemerton.

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