"Church" Ways: Face of Fire

"Church" Ways: The Face of Fire

After LenTree used the most appropriate and familiar poems from The Temple, deeper and personal favorites remained. "Church" Ways: The Face of Fire can be used for Lent, for any period of reflection, re-evaluation or to read more of George Herbert. The poems appear in their original spelling with notes and comments at the bottom of the page. This page can be used in several ways:
  • For a time of Devotion, Meditation or to read more of the poems, begin any Tuesday, follow the assigned structure to your own renewal and Monday addition. [You could begin any day, but keep track of where you are.] There are 49 days.
  • For Lent there are 40+7+(2) days, including Shrove Tuesday (to get started), 7 Sundays (cheerful rewards) and Easter Monday (bonus). None of these poems duplicate those in the LenTree for George Herbert. [see below.]
  • To read the poems in weekly groups, read them down from the subject, there are 7 days of each, and you could do a week's readings on the World, another on Sins, etc. There are 7x7 days.
  • If you have time and wish to complete all poems in a week, Start on Monday and read all the poems on The World assigned for Mondays, on Tuesday read all the Tuesday poems on Sins, &c. [Read one at a time, think about it, go do something, then read another.]
  • For those who avoid structure, respond to spontaneity or find free time unevenly throughout their week, click the Urim or Thummim button.

Consolation The World Sins Penance/ Confession Communion With God Christian Life Sorrow
Sunday Monday Size 48 Miserie 78 Mattens 20; Church-floor 20 Pilgrimage 36 Affliction (I) 66
Dawning 16; Baptism, H. (II) 15 Time 25; Life 18 Vanitie (II) 18; Vertue 16 Deniall 30; Praise (I) 20 Ephes 36 Love Unknown 70 Affliction (II) 15; Death 24
Angels & Saints 30 Decay 20; Windows 15 Sinne (II) 10; Temper (I) 28 Artillerie 32 Priesthood 42 Mortification 36 Affliction (III) 18; Heaven 20
Josephs coat 14; Odour 30 Obedience 54 Water- course 10; Sinnesround 18 Starre 32 Whitsunday 28; Agonie 18 The Answer 14; Temper (II) 16 Affliction (IV) 30
Sion 24; Holdfast 14 Frailtie 24; A true Hymne 20 Love I 14; Dulnesse 28 Confession 30; Trinitie Sunday 9 Banquet 54 Forerunners 36 Grief 19; Affliction (V) 24
H. Scriptures I 14, H. Scriptures II 14 Flower 49 Avarice 14; Employment (2) 30 Church- monuments 24; Church-lock and key 12 Communion, H. 40 Man 54 Longing 84
Aaron 25; Judgement 15 Sinne (II) 10; Rose 32 Home 78 Reprisall 16; Dialogue (Dialog) 32 Invitation 36 Dialogue- Antheme 10; Dooms-day 30 Search 60
Sunday 63 Quip 24; Paradise 15 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Note: Each poem could satisfy several categories. Please forgive the arbitrariness of their placement.

Special Days
For the Poet: Jordan (I) 15; Jordan (II) 18; Quidditie 12
For the Church: Church-rents and schismes 30; Ana{Mary/Army}gram 2; British Church 30; Divinitie 28; The Jews 12; [For a long poem "The Church Mititant." 278]

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Numbers are lines/poem. 30-40 lines/day except for longer poems which read faster.