[The Court of the Temple, Jerusalem, Model]from The Temple (1633), by George Herbert:


¶   The Reprisall.

          I Have consider’d it, and finde
There is no dealing with thy mighty passion:
For though I die for thee, I am behinde;
          My sinnes deserve the condemnation.

          O make me innocent, that I
May give a disentangled state and free:
And yet thy wounds still my attempts defie,
          For by thy death I die for thee.

          Ah! was it not enough that thou
By thy eternall glorie didst outgo me?
Couldst thou not griefs sad conquests me allow,
          But in all vict’ries overthrow me?

          Yet by confession will I come
Into the conquest. Though I can do nought
Against thee, in thee I will overcome
          The man, who once against thee fought.

Thesaurus for "reprisal" - retaliation, payback, act of vengeance, comeback, punishment, revenge. Synonym for "payback:" reimbursement, benefits, repayment, settlement, reimburse, pay off.

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