[The Court of the Temple, Jerusalem, Model]from The Temple (1633), by George Herbert:


¶   The Posie.

                            LEt wits contest,
And with their words and posies1 windows fill:
                            Lesse then2 the least
Of all thy mercies, is my posie still.

                            This on my ring,
This by my picture, in my book I write:
                            Whether I sing,
Or say, or dictate, this is my delight.

                            Invention rest,
Comparisons go play, wit use thy will:
                            Lesse then the least
Of all Gods mercies, is my posie still.

1 posie or posy. A short motto, often in verse, written or inscribed on a knife, ring, etc. See also Miserie. "Posie" can also mean a bunch of flowers, see Life, Thanksgiving and To All Angels and Saints. (Oxford English Dictionary) [Return]  Lesse then the least of all Gods mercies
2 then. Then; than. [Return]

Used as a motto to conclude the Preface to the 1633 edition.

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