Scope Of Chapter 66
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Applications To The Popes
1339Embassy of the Younger Andronicus to Pope Benedict XII
The Arguments for a Crusade and Union
1348Negotiation of Cantacuzene with Clement VI
1355Treaty of John Palaeologus with Innocent VI
1369Visit of John Palaeologus to Urban V at Rome
1370His Return to Constantinople; Visit of the Emperor Manuel
1400To the Court of France, To the Court of England
1402His Return to Greece; Greek Knowledge and Descriptions,
—Of Germany, Of France , Of England
1402-1417Indifference of Manuel towards the Latins
1417-1425 His Negotiations, His Private Motives, His Death
1425-1437Zeal of John Palaeologus II; Corruption of the Latin Church
1377-1429 Schism
1409Council of Pisa
1414-1418Of Constance
1431-1443Of Basil; Their Opposition to Eugenius IV
1434-1437 Negotiations with the Greeks
John Palaeologus embarks in the Pope's Galleys
1348His Triumphal Entry at Venice — Into Ferrara
1348,1439Council of the Greeks and Latins at Ferrara and Florence
Negotiations with the Greeks
1438Eugenius deposed at Basil; Re-union of the Greeks at Florence
1440Their Return to Constantinople
1449Final Peace of the Church
1300-1453State of the Greek Language at Constantinople
Comparison of the Greeks and Latins
Revival of the Greek Learning in Italy
1339Lessons of Barlaam
1339-1374Studies of Petrarch
1360Of Boccace
1360-1363Leo Pilatus, 1st Greek Professor at Florence and in the West
1390-l415Foundation of the Greek Language in Italy
by Manuel Chrysoloras
1400-1500The Greeks in Italy; Cardinal Bessarion, etc.
Their Faults and Merits —The Platonic Philosophy
Emulation and Progress of the Latins
1447-1455Nicholas V
1428-1492Cosmo and Lorenzo of Medicis; Use and Abuse of Ancient Learning
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