Scope Of Chapter 67
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Schism of the Greeks and Latins—Reign and Character of Amurath the Second—Crusade of Ladislaus, King of Hungary,His Defeat and Death— John Huniades—Scanderbeg—Constantine Palaeologus Last Emperor of the East
1428-1492 Comparison of Rome and Constantinople
1440-1448 The Greek Schism after the Council of Florence
Zeal of the Orientals and Russians
1442-1451 Reign and Character of Amurath II.
1442-1444 His double Abdication; Eugenius forms a League against the Turks; Ladislaus, King of Poland and Hungary, marches against them; The Turkish Peace; Violation of the Peace; Battle of Warna; Death of Ladislaus; The Cardinal Julian; John Corvinus Huniades
1456 His Defence of Belgrade and Death
1404-1413 Birth and Education of Scanderbeg, Prince of Albania
His Revolt from the Turks, His Valour
1467 And Death
1448-1453 Constantine, the last of the Roman or Greek Emperors
1450-1452 Embassies of Phranza; State of the Byzantine Court
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