Scope Of Chapter 65
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Histories of TIMOUR, or Tamerlane and BAJAZET
1361-1370His first Adventures
1370He ascends the Throne of Zagatai
1370-l400His Conquests
1380-1393I Of Persia
1370-l383II of Turkestan
1390-1396 of Kipzak, Russia, etc.
1398,1399III of Hindostan
1400His War against Sultan Bajazet, Timour invades Syria,
Sacks Aleppo
1401Damascus, And Bagdad
1402Invades Anatolia; Battle of Angora
Defeat and Captivity of Bajazet
The Story of his Iron Cage,
disproved by the Persian historian,
—Attested by the French, Italians, Arabs, Greeks , Turks
Probable Conclusion
1403 Death of Bajazet; Term of the Conquests of Timour
1404-1405His Triumph at Samarcand
1405 His Death on the Road to China
Character and Merits of Timour
1403-1421Civil Wars of the Sons of Bajazet —Mustapha, Isa
1403-1410 Soliman
1413-142l Mahomet I
1421-145lReign of Amurath II
1421Re-union of the Ottoman Empire
1402-l425State of the Greek Empire
1422Siege of Constantinople by Amurath II
1425-1448The Emperor John Palaeologus II;
Hereditary Succession and Merit of the Ottomans
Education and Discipline of the Turks;
Invention and Use of Gunpowder
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