Scope Of Chapter 61
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Partition of the Empire—General Consequences of the Crusades — The Courtenays
1204Election of the Emperor Baldwin I
Division of the Greek Empire
1204Revolt of the Greeks
1204-1222Theodore Lascaris, Emperor of Nice
The Dukes and Emperors of Trebizond
The Despots of Epirus
1205The Bulgarian War; Defeat and captivity of Baldwin
Retreat of the Latins; Death of the Emperor
1206-1216Reign and character of Henry
1217 Peter of Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople
1217-1219 His Captivity and Death
1221-1228Robert, Emperor of Constantinople
1228-1237Baldwin II and John of Brienne, Emperors of Constantinople
1237-1261Baldwin II; The Holy Crown of Thorns
1237-1261Progress of the Greeks
1259Michael Palaeologus, the Greek Emperor
1261 Constantinople recovered by the Greeks
General Consequences of the Crusades
Digression On The Family Of Courtenay
1020Origin of the family of Courtenay
1101-1152Counts of Edessa; Courtenays of France
1150Their Alliance with the Royal Family; Courtenays of England; Earls of Devonshire
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