Scope Of Chapter 62
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Restoration of the Greek Empire
1204-1222Theodore Lascaris
1222-1255John Ducas Vataces
1255-1259Theodore Lascaris II
1259Minority of John Lascaris; Family and Character of
Michael Palaeologus, His Elevation to the Throne
1260Michael Palaeologus Emperor
1261Recovery of Constantinople; Return of the Greek Emperor; Palaeologus blinds and banishes the young Emperor
1262-1268Is excommunicated by the Patriarch Arsenius
1266-1312 Schism of the Arsenites
1259-1282 Reign of Michael Palaeologus
1273-1332Reign of Andronicus the Elder
1274-1277His Union with the Latin Church
1277-1282His Persecution of the Greeks
1283Union Dissolved
1266Charles of Anjou subdues Naples and Sicily
1270Threatens the Greek Empire
1280Palaeologus instigates the Revolt of Sicily
1282Sicilian Vespers; Defeat of Charles
1303-1307Service and War of the Catalans in the Greek Empire
1204-l456Revolutions of Athens, Present State of Athens
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