Scope Of Chapter 60
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Greeks & Latins: Schism of the Greeks, Their Aversion to the Latins—Procession of the Holy Ghost— Variety of Ecclesiastical Discipline
857-886 Ambitious Quarrels of Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople,
with the Popes
1054 The Popes excommunicate the Patriarch of Constantinople
and the Greeks
1100-l200Enmity of the Greeks and Latins; The Latins at Constantinople
1183 Their Massacre
1185-1195Reign and Character of Isaac Angelus
1186Revolt of the Bulgarians
1195-1203Usurpation and Character of Alexius Angelus
1198The Fourth Crusade, Embraced by the Barons of France
697-1200State of the Venetians
1201Alliance of the French and Venetians
1202Assembly and Departure of the Crusade from Venice
Siege of Zara; Alliance of the Crusaders with the Greek Prince, the young Alexius.
1203Voyage from Zara to Constantinople; Fruitless Negotiations of the Emperor; Passage of the Bosphorus
First Siege and Conquest of Constantinople by the Latins; Restoration of the Emperor Isaac Angelus and his Son Alexius
Quarrel of the Greeks and Latins
1204The War Renewed; Alexius and his Father deposed by Mourzoufle; Second Siege; Pillage of Constantinople, Division of the Spoil; Misery of the Greeks, Sacrilege and Mockery; Destruction of the Statues
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