Scope Of Chapter 59
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

The Second and Third Crusades
1097-1118 Success of Alexius; Expeditions by Land
1101First Crusade
1147Second, of Conrad III and Louis VII
1189Third, of Frederic; Their numbers; Passage through the Greek Empire; Turkish Warfare
Obstinacy of the Enthusiasm of the Crusades
1091-1153Character and Mission of St. Bernard
Progress of the Mahometans; Atabeks of Syria
1163-1169Conquest of Egypt by the Turks
1171End of the Fatimite Caliphs
1171-1193Reign and Character of Saladin
1187His Conquest of the Kingdom And City of Jerusalem
1188Third Crusade, by Sea
1189-119lSiege of Acre
1191,1192Richard of England, in Palestine
1192 His Treaty and Departure
1193Death of Saladin
1198-1216Innocent III
1203Fourth Crusade
1228Emperor Frederic II in Palestine; Invasion of the Carizmians
1248-1254St. Louis, and the sixth Crusade
1249He takes Damietta
1250His Captivity in Egypt
1270His Death before Tunis, in the seventh Crusade
1250-1517The Mamalukes of Egypt
1268Loss of Antioch
1291Loss of Acre and the Holy Land
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