Scope Of Chapter 58
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

The First Crusade
1095-1099First Crusade; Peter the Hermit
1095Urban II in the Council of Placentia; Council of Clermont
Justice of the Crusades? Spiritual Motives and Indulgences; Temporal and Carnal Motives; Influence of Example
1096Departure of the first Crusaders; Their Destruction
Chiefs of the first Crusade
of Bouillon
Hugh of
Vermandois, etc.
of Toulouse
& Tancred
1096,1097March of the Princes to Constantinople; Policy of the Emperor Alexius Comnenus—He obtains the homage of the Crusaders; Insolence of the Franks
1097Their Review and Numbers; Siege of Nice
Battle of Dorylaeum March through the Lesser Asia
1097-1151Baldwin founds the Principality of Edessa
1097, 1098Siege of Antioch
1098 Victory of the Crusaders; Their Famine and Distress at Antioch; Legend of the Holy Lance; Celestial Warriors
State of the Turks & Caliphs of Egypt
1098,1099Delay of the Franks
1099Their March to Jerusalem; Seige and Conquest of Jerusalem
1099,1100Election and Reign of Godfrey of Bouillon
1099 Battle of Ascalon
1099-1187Kingdom of Jerusalem
1099-1369Assise of Jerusalem; Court of Peers; Law of Judicial Combats; Court of Burgesses; Syrians; Villains and Slaves
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