Scope Of Chapter 57
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

The Seljuk Turks
997-1028 Mahmud, the Gaznevide,
His 12 Expeditions into Hindostan, His Character
980-l028 Manners and Emigration of the Turks, or Turkmans
1038They defeat the Gaznevides, and subdue Persia
1038-1152 Dynasty of the Seljukians
1038-1063 Reign and Character of Togrul Beg
1055 He delivers the Caliph of Bagdad , His Investiture
1063And Death
1050 The Turks invade the Roman Empire
1063-1072 Reign of Alp Arslan
1065-1068Conquest of Armenia and Georgia
1068-1071 The Emperor Romanus Diogenes; Defeat of the Romans
Captivity and Deliverance of the Emperor
l072Death of Alp Arslan
1072-1092Reign and Prosperity of Malek Shah
1092His Death; Division of the Seljukian Empire
1074-1084Conquest of Asia Minor by the Turks
The Seljukian Kingdom of Roum
638-l099 State and Pilgrimage of Jerusalem
969-1076 Under the Fatimite Caliphs
l009 Sacrilege of Hakem
1024 Increase of Pilgrimages
1076-1096 Conquest of Jerusalem by the Turks
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