Scope Of Chapter 51
Fall In The EastThe Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

The Conquests of the Arabs or Saracens —Empire of the Caliphs, or Successors of Mahomet — State of the Christians, Etc., under Their Government
632Union of the Arabs; Character of their Caliphs
Their Conquests—Invasion of PERSIA
636Battle of Cadesia; Foundation of Bassora
637Sack of Madayn; Foundation of Cufa
637-651Conquest of Persia
651Death of the last King
710The Conquest of Transoxiana
632Invasion of SYRIA, Siege of Bosra
633Siege of Damascus; Battle of Aiznadin
The Arabs return to Damascus
634The City is taken by Storm and Capitulation
Pursuit of the Damascenes; Fair of Abyla
635Sieges of Heliopolis and Emesa
636Battle of Yermuk
637Conquest of Jerusalem
638Conquest of Aleppo and Antioch; Flight of Heraclius; End of the Syrian War
633-639The Conquerors of Syria
639-655Progress of the Syrian Conquerors
EGYPT—Character and Life of Amrou
638Invasion of Egypt; The Cities of Memphis, Babylon, and Cairo
Voluntary Submission of the Copts or Jacobites
Siege and Conquest of Alexandria; The Alexandrian Library
Administration of Egypt—Riches and Populousness
647AFRICA— First invasion by Abdallah
The Praefect Gregory and his Daughter; Victory of the Arabs
665-689Progress of the Saracens in Africa
670-675Foundation of Cairoan
692-698Conquest of Carthage
698-709 Final Conquest of Africa; Adoption of the Moors
709SPAIN. First Temptations and Designs of the Arabs
State of the Gothic Monarchy
710The first Descent of the Arabs, Their second Descent and Victory
Ruin of the Gothic Monarchy
712, 713Conquest of Spain by Musa
714Disgrace of Musa; Prosperity of Spain under the Arabs; Religious Toleration, Propagation of Mahometism; Fall of the Magians of Persia
749 Decline and Fall of Christianity in Africa
1149 And Spain; Toleration of the Christians, Their Hardships
718The Empire of the Caliphs
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