Scope Of Chapter 52 From 'Fall In The East' of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

The Limits of the Arabian Conquests
668-6751st Siege of Constantinople by the Arabs
677 Peace and Tribute
716-7182nd Siege of Constantinople; Failure and Retreat
of the Saracens; Invention and Use of the Greek Fire
721 Invasion of France by the Arabs
731Expedition and Victories of Abderame
732 Defeat of the Saracens by Charles Martel
They retreat before the Franks
746-750Elevation of the Abbassides
750Fall of the Ommiades
755Revolt of Spain; Triple Division of the Caliphate
750-960 Magnificence of the Caliphs
Its Consequences on private and public Happiness
754, etc.
813, etc.
Introduction of Learning among the Arabians
Their real Progress in the Sciences,
Want of Erudition, Taste, and Freedom
781-805 Wars of Harun al Rashid against the Romans
823The Arabs subdue the Isle of Crete
827-878And of Sicily
846Invasion of Rome by the Saracens
849Victory and Reign of Leo IV
852 Foundation of the Leonine City
838 The Amorian War between Theophilus and Motassem
841-870 Disorders of the Turkish Guards
890-951 Rise and Progress of the Carmathians
900 Their Military Exploits
929 They pillage Mecca
800-936 Revolt of the Provinces
The Independent Dynasties
800-941Aglabites 829-907 Edrisites 813-872Taherites
872-902 Soffarides874-999Samanides868-905Toulonides
934-968 Ikshidites92-1001Hamadanites 933-1055Bowides
936Fallen State of the Caliphs of Bagdad
960Enterprises of the Greeks; Reduction of Crete
963-975 The Eastern Conquests of Nicephorus Phocas and John Zimisces— Conquest of Cilicia, Invasion of Syria, Recovery of Antioch
Passage of the Euphrates, Danger of Bagdad
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