Scope Of Chapter 48
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Defects of the Byzantine History, Its Connection with the Revolutions of the World— Plan of the fifth and sixth volumes—Succession and Characters of the Greek Emperors of Constantinople— Second Marriage and Death of Heraclius
641Constantine III; Heracleonas; Punishment of Martina and Heracleonas; Constans II
668 Constantine IV Pogonatus
685 Justinian II
695-705 His Exile
705-711His Restoration and Death
713Anastasius II
716 Theodosius III
718Leo III the Isaurian
741Constantine V Copronymus
775Leo IV
780Constantine VI and Irene
802 Nicephorus I
811Stauracius; Michael I Rhangabe
813Leo V the Armenian
820Michael II the Stammerer
842Michael III
867Basil I the Macedonian
886Leo VI the Philosopher
911Alexander, Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus
919Romanus I Lecapenus; Christopher, Stephen, Constantine VIII
945Constantine VII
959Romanus II junior
963Nicephorus II Phocas
969John Zimisces, Basil II, Constantine IX
976Basil II and Constantine IX
1025Constantine IX
1028Romanus III Argyrus
1034Michael IV the Paphlagonian
1041 Michael V Calaphates
1042Zoe and Theodora; Constantine X Monomachus
1056Michael VI Stratioticus
1057Isaac I Comnenus
1059Constantine XI Ducas
1067Eudocia; Romanus III Diogenes
1071Michael VII Parapinaces, Andronicus I ; Constantine XII
1078Nicephorus III Botaniates
1081Alexius I Comnenus
1118John or Calo-Johannes
1180Alexius II ; Character and first Adventures of Andronicus
1183Andronicus I Comnenus
1185Isaac II Angelus
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