Scope Of Chapter 49
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Introduction of Images into the Christian Church, Their Worship— The Image of Edessa, Its Copies—Opposition to Image-Worship
726-840Leo the Iconoclast, and his Successors
754 Their Synod of Constantinople; Their Creed
720-775Their Persecution of the Images and Monks; State of Italy
727 Epistles of Gregory II. to the Emperor
728Revolt of Italy; Republic of Rome
730-752Rome attacked by the Lombards
754Her Deliverance by Pepin
774Conquest of Lombardy by Charlemagne
Pepin and Charlemagne Kings of France; Patricians of Rome; Donations of Pepin and Charlemagne to the Popes; Forgery of the Donation of Constantine
780 Restoration of Images in the East by the Empress Irene
7877th General Council, 2nd of Nice
842Final Establishment of Images by the Empress Theodora
794Reluctance of the Franks and of Charlemagne
774-800Final Separation of the Popes from the Eastern Empire
800 Coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor of Rome and of the West
Reign and Character of Charlemagne; Extent of his Empire, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary; His Neighbours and Enemies; His Successors
814-887In Italy
911In Germany
987In France
814-840Lewis the Pious
840-856Lothaire I.
856-875 Lewis II.
888Division of the Empire
952Otho, King of Germany, restores and appropriates the Western Empire; Transactions of the Western and Eastern Empires
800-1060Authority of the Emperors in the Election of the Popes; Disorders
1073Reformation and Claims of the Church; Authority of the Emperors in Rome
932 Revolt of Alberic
967 Of Pope John XII.
998 Of the Consul Crescentius
774-1250 The Kingdom of Italy
1152-1190 Frederic I.
1198-1250Frederic II
814-1250Independence of the Princes of Germany
1250The Germanic Constitution
1347-1378Weakness and Poverty of the German Emperor Charles IV
1356His Ostentation; Contrast of the Power and Modesty of Augustus
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