Scope Of Chapter 47
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Incarnation of Christ A pure man to the Ebionites
His Birth and Elevation
A pure God to the Docetes
His incorruptible Body
Double Nature
of Cerinthus
Divine Incarnation
of Apollinaris
Orthodox Consent
and Verbal Disputes
412-444Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria
413,414,etc His Tyranny
Patriarch of Constantinople
429-431His Heresy
4311st Council of Ephesus
Condemnation of Nestorius
Opposition of the Orientals
431-435Victory of Cyril
435Exile of Nestorius
448Heresy of Eutyches
4492nd Council of Ephesus
451Council of Chalcedon
Faith of Chalcedon
451-482Discord of the East
482Henoticon of Zeno
508-518Trisagion, and religious War
till the Death of Anastasius
5141st religious War
Theological Character and Government of Justinian; His Persecution Of Heretics; Of Pagans, Of Jews; Of SamaritansHis Orthodoxy
532-698Three Chapters
5535th General Council: 2nd of Constantinople
564Heresy of Justinian
629Monothelite Controversy
639Ecthesis of Heraclius
648Type of Constans
6th General Council: 3rd of Constantinople; Union of the Greek and Latin Churches; Perpetual Separation of Oriental Sects; Nestorians
500Sole Masters of Persia
500-1200Missions in Tartary, India, China, etc.
883The Christians of St. Thomas in India; Jacobites; Maronites; Armenians; Copts Or Egyptians
537-568Patriarch Theodosius
609John; Their Separation and Decay
625-661Benjamin, the Jacobite Patriarch
Abyssinians & Nubians
530Church of Abyssinia
525-1550Portuguese in Abyssinia
1557Mission of the Jesuits
1626Conversion of the Emperor
1632Final Expulsion of the Jesuits
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