Scope Of Chapter 46
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Contest of Rome and Persia
570 Conquest of Yemen by Nushirvan
572 His last War with the Romans
579 His Death
579-590 Tyranny and Vices of his Son Hormouz
590 Exploits of Bahram, His Rebellion; Hormouz is deposed
and imprisoned; Elevation of his Son Chosroes; Death of Hormouz; Chosroes flies to the Romans, His Return, and final Victory; Death of Bahram
591-603 Restoration and Policy of Chosroes
570-600 Pride, Policy, and Power of the Chagan of the Avars
591-602 Wars of Maurice against the Avars; State of the Roman Armies, Their Discontent; And Rebellion
602Election of Phocas; Revolt of Constantinople; Death of Maurice and his Children
602-610 Phocas Emperor; His Character, And Tyranny
His Fall and Death
610-642Reign of Heraclius
603Chosroes invades the Roman Empire
611His Conquest of Syria
614Of Palestine
616Of Egypt; Of Asia Minor; His Reign and Magnificence
610-622Distress of Heraclius, He Solicits Peace
621His Preparations for War
622First Expedition of Heraclius against the Persians
623,624,625His Second Expedition
626Deliverance of Constantinople from the Persians
and Avars; Alliances and Conquests of Heraclius
627His Third Expedition, And Victories; Flight of Chosroes
628He is deposed, And murdered by his Son Siroes
Treaty of Peace between the two Empires
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