Scope Of Chapter 45
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Reign of the Younger Justin— Embassy of the Avars— Their Settlement on the Danube— Conquests of Italy by the Lombards— Adoption and Reign of Tiberius— Of Maurice— State of Italy under the Lombards and the Exarchs of Ravenna— Distress of Rome— Character and Pontificate of Gregory the First
565Death of Justinian
565-574Reign of Justin II. or the Younger
566His Consulship; Embassy of the Avars; Alboin, King of Lombards—his Valour, Love, and Revenge; The Lombards and Avars destroy the King and Kingdom of the Gepidae
567 Alboin undertakes the Conquest of Italy; Disaffection and Death of Narses
568-570 Conquest of a great Part of Italy by the Lombards
573Alboin is murdered by his Wife Rosamond—Her Flight and Death; Clepho, King of the Lombards; Weakness of the Emperor Justin
574Association of Tiberius
578Death of Justin II
578-582 Reign of Tiberius II.—His Virtues
582-602The Reign of Maurice; Distress of Italy
584-590Autharis, King of the Lombards; The Exarchate of Ravenna; The Kingdom of the Lombards; Language and Manners of the Lombards; Dress and Marriage; Government
643Laws; Misery of Rome; The Tombs and Relics of the Apostles; Birth and Profession of Gregory the Roman
590-604 Pontificate of Gregory the Great, or First—His Spiritual Office, And Temporal Government , His Estates, And Alms; The Saviour of Rome
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