Scope Of Chapter 44
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

The Civil or Roman Law
303-648 The First Period
648-988 Second Period
988-1230 Third Period, Their Philosophy , Authority, Sects
527 Reformation of the Roman Law by Justinian
527-546 Tribonian
528-529 The Code of Justinian
530-533The Pandects or Digest; Praise and Censure of the Code and Pandects; Loss of the ancient Jurisprudence; Legal Inconstancy of Justinian
534Second Edition of the Code
534-565The Novels
The Institutes (AD 533)
PersonsFreemen and Slaves; Fathers and Children; Limitations of the paternal Authority; Husbands and Wives; The religious Rites of Marriage; Freedom of the matrimonial Contract; Liberty and Abuse of Divorce; Limitations of the Liberty of Divorce; Incest, Concubines, and Bastards;Guardians and Wards
ThingsRight of Property; Of Inheritance and Succession; Civil Degrees of Kindred; Introduction and Liberty of Testaments; Legacies; Codicils and Trusts
ActionsPromises, Benefits, Interest of Money; Injuries
Severity of the 12 Tables; Abolition or Oblivion of Penal Laws; Revival of capital punishments; Measure of Guilt; Unnatural Vice; Rigour of the Christian Emperors; Judgments of the People; Select Judges; Assessors; Voluntary Exile and Death; Abuses of Civil Jurisprudence
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