Scope Of Chapter 43
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Rebellions of Africa— Restoration of the Gothic Kingdom by Totila— Loss and Recovery of Rome— Final Conquest of Italy by Narses— Extinction of the Ostrogoths— Defeat of the Franks and Alemanni— Last Victory, Disgrace, and Death of Belisarius— Death and Character of Justinian— Comets, Earthquakes, and Plague
535-545The Troubles of Africa
543-558Rebellion of the Moors
540Revolt of the Goths
541-544Victories of Totila, King of Italy; Contrast of Greek Vice and Gothic Virtue
544-548Second Command of Belisarius in Italy
546 Rome besieged by the Goths; Attempt of Belisarius; Rome taken by the Goths
547Recovered by Belisarius
548Final Recall of Belisarius
549Rome again taken by the Goths
549-551Preparations of Justinian for the Gothic War
552Character and Expedition of the Eunuch Narses; Defeat and Death of Totila; Conquest of Rome by Narses
553Defeat and Death of Teias, the last King of the Goths ; Invasion of Italy by the Franks and Alemanni
554Defeat of the Franks and Alemanni by Narses
554-568 Settlement of Italy
559Invasion of the Bulgarians; Last Victory of Belisarius
561His Disgrace and Death
565Death and Character of Justinian
531-539Comets; Earthquakes
542Plague—its Origin and Nature
542-594Extent and Duration
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