Scope Of Chapter 42
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

State of the Barbaric World— Establishment of the Lombards on the Danube— Tribes and Inroads of the Sclavonians— Origin,Empire, and Embassies of the Turks— The Flight of the Avars— Chosroes I or Nushirvan King of Persia— His Prosperous Reign and Wars with the Romans— The Colchian or Lazic War— The Aethiopians
527-565 Weakness of the Empire of Justinian; State of the Barbarians— The Gepidae, The Lombards, The Sclavonians; Their Inroads
545Origin and Monarchy of the Turks in Asia; The Avars fly before the Turks, and approach the Empire
558Their Embassy to Constantinople
569-582Embassies of the Turks and Romans
500-530State of Persia
531-579Reign of Nushirvan, or Chosroes ; His Love of Learning
533-539 Peace and War with the Romans
540 He invades Syria And ruins Antioch
541Defence of the East by Belisarius; Description of Colchos, Lazica, or Mingrelia; Revolutions of Colchos; Under the Persians, B.C. 500; Under the Romans, B.C. 60
130Visit of Arrian
522Conversion of the Lazi
542-549Revolt and Repentance of the Colchians
549-551Siege of Petra
549-556The Colchian or Lazic War
540-561Negotiations and Treaties between Justinian and Chosroes
522Conquests of the Abyssinians
533Their Alliance with Justinian
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