Scope Of Chapter 41
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Conquests of Justinian in the West— Character and First Campaigns of Belisarius—He Invades and Subdues the Vandal Kingdom of Africa— His Triumph— Gothic War— He Recovers Sicily, Naples, and Rome— Siege of Rome by Goths— Their Retreat and Losses— Surrender of Ravenna— Glory of Belisarius— His Domestic Shame and Misfortunes
533Justinian resolves to invade Africa
523-530State of Vandals; Hilderic
530-534Gelimer; Debates on African war; Character and Choice of Belisarius
529-532His Services in Persian war
533Preparations for African war; Departure of Fleet; Belisarius lands on Coast of Africa; Defeats Vandals in 1st battle; Reduction of Carthage; Final Defeat of Gelimer and Vandals
534 Conquest of Africa by Belisarius; Distress and Captivity of Gelimer; Return and Triumph of Belisarius
535His sole Consulship; End of Gelimer and Vandals; Manners and Defeat of Moors Neutrality of Visigoths
550-620 Conquests of Romans in Spain
534 Belisarius threatens Ostrogoths of Italy
522-534 Government and Death of Amalasontha, Queen of Italy
535 Her Exile and Death; Belisarius invades and subdues Sicily
534-536 Reign and Weakness of Theodatus, Gothic King of Italy
537 Belisarius invades Italy and reduces Naples
536-540 Vitiges, King of Italy
536 Belisarius enters Rome
537 Siege of Rome by Goths; Valour of Belisarius; His Defence of Rome; Repulses a general assault of Goths; His Sallies; Distress of City; Exile of Pope Sylverius; Deliverance of City; Belisarius recovers many Cities of Italy
538Goths raise Siege of Rome; Lose Rimini; Retire to Ravenna; Jealousy of Roman Generals; Death of Constantine; Eunuch Narses; Firmness and Authority of Belisarius
538-539Invasion of Italy by the Franks; Destruction of Milan; Belisarius besieges Ravenna
539Subdues the Gothic Kingdom of Italy; Captivity of Vitiges
540 Return and Glory of Belisarius; Secret History of his Wife Antonina; Her Lover Theodosius; Resentment of Belisarius and her Son Photius; Persecution of her Son; Disgrace and Submission of Belisarius
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