Scope Of Chapter 40
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Elevation of Justin the Elder— Reign of Justinian— The Empress Theodora— Factions of the Circus, and Sedition of Constantinople— Trade and Manufacture of Silk— Finances and Taxes— Edifices of Justinian— Church of St. Sophia— Fortifications and Frontiers of the Eastern Empire— Abolition of the Schools of Athens, and the Consulship of Rome
482 or 483 Birth of the Emperor Justinian
518-527 Elevation and Reign of his Uncle Justin I.
520-527 Adoption and Succession of Justinian
527-565 The Reign of Justinian; Character and Histories of Procopius; Division of the Reign of Justinian; Birth and Vices of the Empress Theodora; —Her Marriage with Justinian, her Tyranny, her Virtues
548And Death; The Factions of the Circus, At Rome, They distract Constantinople and the East — Justinian favours the Blues
532 Sedition of Constantinople, surnamed NikaThe distress of Justinian, Firmness of Theodora, Sedition is suppressed; Agriculture and Manufactures of the Eastern Empire; Use of Silk by the Romans, Importation from China by Land and Sea; Introduction of Silkworms into Greece; State of the Revenue; Avarice and Profusion of Justinian; Pernicious Savings, Remittances, Taxes, Monopolies, Venality, Testaments; The Ministers of Justinian; John of Cappadocia, His Edifices and Architects; Foundation of the Church of St. Sophia, Description, Marbles, Riches; Churches and Palaces; Fortifications of Europe; Security of Asia after the Conquest of Isauria; Fortifications of the Empire, from the Euxine to the Persian Frontier
488 Death of Perozes, King of Persia
502-505 Persian War; Fortifications of Dara; Caspian or Iberian Gates; Justin Suppresses the Schools Of Athens, and their speculations; Proclus
485-529His Successors; Last of the Philosophers
541 Roman Consulship extinguished by Justinian
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