Scope Of Chapter 39
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Zeno and Anastasius, Emperors of the East— Birth, Education, and First Exploits of Theodoric the Ostrogoth— His Invasion and Conquest of Italy— The Gothic Kingdom of Italy— State of the West— Military and Civil Government— The Senator Boethius— Last Acts and Death of Theodoric
455-475 Birth and Education of Theodoric
474-491The Reign of Zeno
491-518The Reign of Anastasius
475-488Service and Revolt of Theodoric
489He undertakes the Conquest of Italy—His March
490The three Defeats of Odoacer
493His Capitulation and Death
494-526Reign of Theodoric, King of Italy; Partition of Lands— Separation of the Goths and Italians; Foreign Policy of Theodoric— His Defensive Wars
509His Naval Armament; Civil Government of Italy according to the Roman Laws; Prosperity of Rome
500Visit of Theodoric; Flourishing State of Italy; Theodoric an Arian; His toleration of the Catholics; Vices of his Government; He is provoked to persecute the Catholics; Character, Studies, and Honours of Boethius —His Patriotism; He is accused of Treason; His Imprisonment and Death
525 Death of Symmachus
526 Remorse and Death of Theodoric
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