Note 091
From Chapter 27 of the Decline & Fall

The original evidence of Ambrose (tom. ii. Epist. li. p. 998), Augustine (The City of God, v.26), and Paulinus (in Vit. Ambros. c. 24), is delivered in vague expressions of horror and pity. It is illustrated by the subsequent and unequal testimonies of Sozomen (1. vii. c. 25), Theodoret (1. v. c. 17), Theophanes (Chronograph. p. 62 [tom. i. p. 113 ed. Bonn.]), Cedrenus (p. 317 [tom. i. p. 556, ed. Bonn.]), and Zonaras (tom. ii. l. xiii. [c. 18] p. 34). Zosimus alone, the partial enemy of Theodosius, most unaccountably passes over in silence the worst of his actions.

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