Note 090
From Chapter 27 of the Decline & Fall

The sedition of Antioch is represented in a lively and almost dramatic manner by two orators who had their respective shares of interest and merit. See Libanius (Orat. xiv. xv. [xii. xiii.] p. 389-420, edit. Morel.; Orat. i. p. 1-14, Venet. 1754) and the twenty orations of St. John Chrysostom, de Statuis (tom. ii. p. 1-225, edit. Montfaucon). I do not pretend to much personal acquaintance with Chrysostom; but Tillemont (Hist. des Empereurs, tom. v. p. 263-283) and Hermant (Vie de St. Chrysostome, tom. i. p. 137-224) had read him with pious curiosity and diligence.

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