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PSALM.3838This psalm was sung at Klopstock's funeral.

[Matt 6:9-14]

Um Erden wandeln Monde

Round their planets roll the moons,

Planets round their sun,

All the hosts of suns revolve

Round one mighty Sun,

Thee "Our Father," Thee "who art in heaven!"

On all these worlds, light-beaming, light-receiving,

Are dwelling souls of diverse powers and forms,

But all contemplate God, rejoice in God:

"Hallowed be Thy name!"

But He the Highest who alone

Can wholly know Himself,

Wholly rejoice in God, 'twas He conceived

The scheme profound to bless all creature-minds:

"Thy kingdom come!"

O well for them that He, and not themselves,

Orders their Present, and their Future too;

O well for them, and well for us! "Thy will

Be done on earth, as 'tis in heaven," O God!

He lifts the ear upon its golden stalk,

Matures the blushing apple, purple grape;

Pastures the lamb upon the field,

The wild-deer in the woods:

But His thunder rolleth around,

And its bolts may beat down the corn and the bough,

May destroy in the fields and the woods!

Then, "Give us to-day our daily bread!"


Perchance that high above the thunder's course

Sinners and mortals dwell like those on earth?

There too the friend may change to foe?

There too the dearest part in death?

"Forgive us," Lord, "our debts

As we forgive our debtors."

Various the paths to one exalted goal,

To endless happiness:

Through lonely wastes there are that wind their course,

Yet e'en on these, some joys beside the way

Will blossom and refresh the fainting soul:

"Lead us not," then, "into temptation," Lord,

"But deliver us from evil."

Thee we adore, who hath the central Sun

Compassed with suns and planets and their moons;

Who didst create all souls intelligent,

And plan their blessedness;

Raisest the fruitful ear, and dost command

Or stay the bolt of death:

Who leadest to the goal through deserts lone,

And cheerest weary wanderers on their way

Thee we adore!

"For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory,

For ever and ever! Amen!"

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