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The following hymn is very commonly used at funerals or at Easter services:--



Aufterstehn, ja aufterstehn wirst du

Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Rise again! yes, rise again wilt thou

My dust, though buried now!

To life immortal

Is this brief rest the portal:



For the seed is sown again to bloom

Whene'er the Lord shall come,

His harvest reaping

In us who now are sleeping:


Day of praise, of joyful tears the Day,

Thou of my God the Day,

When I shall number

My destined years of slumber,

Thou wakenest me!

Then shall we be like to those that dream,

When on us breaks the beam

Of that blest morrow;

The weary pilgrim's sorrow

Is then no more.

Then the Saviour leads us of His grace

Into the Holiest Place,

Where we for ever

Shall praise His Name who doth deliver!


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