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Jesu, geh voran

Nicolaus von Zinzendorf

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Jesu, day by day

Lead us on life's way:

Nought of dangers will we reckon,

Simply haste where Thou dost beckon;

Lead us by the hand

To our fatherland.


Hard should seem our lot,

Let us waver not:

Never murmur at our crosses

In dark days of grief and losses;

'Tis through trial here

We must reach Thy sphere.

When the heart must know

Pain for others' woe,

When beneath its own 'tis sinking,

Give us patience, hope unshrinking,

Fix our eyes, O Friend,

On our journey's end.

Thus our path shall be

Daily traced by Thee;

Draw Thou nearer when 'tis rougher,

Help us most when most we suffer,

And when all is o'er

Ope to us Thy door.

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