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(Index of Tunes, LXXXIV.)


Tune.--"O darkest woe, ye tears, forth flow!"

Sheet Music

Der Tag ist hin

Freylinghausen, 1704

The day is done,

And, left alone,

My heart is fill'd with yearning

For the morn when grief and care

Shall have no returning.

The night is here,

Oh! be Thou near,

Christ, make it light within me;

Chase the darkness from my heart

That to ill might win me.

The sun's sweet light

Is sunk in night;

Oh Brightness uncreated,

Shine with joy on us who here

Long for Thee have waited.

Each living thing

Is slumbering,

While darkness round is closing;

Work Thou silently in me

While I lie reposing.

Ah when shall day

Have perfect sway,

By night no more attended?

When that fairest morn shall break

That shall ne'er be ended.

For Salem then

Shall ne'er again

Behold her brightness vanish,

Since the Lamb shall be her light,

And all night shall banish.

Oh were I there!

Where all the air

With lovely sounds is ringing,

Where the saints Thee, Holy Lord,

Evermore are singing!

Lord Jesus, Thou

My rest art now;

Grant me to stand before Thee,

Radiant with Thy light to shine,

And for aye adore Thee!

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