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(Index of Tunes, LXXXV.)


Tune.--"O World, I now must leave thee."

Sheet Music

Nun ruhen alle Wälder

Gerhardt, 1653

Now all the woods are sleeping,

And night and stillness creeping

O'er city, man, and beast;

But thou, my heart, awake thee,

To pray'r awhile betake thee,

And praise thy Maker ere thou rest.

O Sun, where art thou vanish'd?

The Night thy reign hath banish'd,

Thy ancient foe, the Night.

Farewell, a brighter glory

My Jesus sheddeth o'er me,

All clear within me shines His light.

The last faint beam is going,

The golden stars are glowing

In yonder dark-blue deep;

And such the glory given

When called of God to heaven,

On earth no more we pine and weep.

The body hastes to slumber,

These garments now but cumber,

And as I lay them by

I ponder how the spirit

Puts off the flesh t' inherit

A shining robe with Christ on high.

Now thought and labour ceases,

For Night the tired releases

And bids sweet rest begin:

My heart, there comes a morrow

Shall set thee free from sorrow,

And all the dreary toil of sin.

Ye aching limbs! now rest you,

For toil hath sore oppress'd you,

Lie down, my weary head:

A sleep shall once o'ertake you

From which earth ne'er shall wake you,

Within a narrower, colder bed.

My heavy eyes are closing;

When I lie deep reposing,

Soul, body, where are ye?

To belpless sleep I yield them,

Oh let Thy mercy shield them,

Thou sleepless Eye, their guardian be!

My Jesus, stay Thou by me,

And let no foe come nigh me,

Safe shelter'd by Thy wing;

But would the foe alarm me,

Oh let him never harm me,

But still Thine angels round me sing!

My loved ones, rest securely,

From every peril surely

Our God will guard your heads;

And happy slumbers send you,

And bid His hosts attend you,

And golden-arm'd watch o'er your beds.

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