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(LVI.--"Komm, Heiden Heiland, Lösegeld.")


Original Tune.

Sheet Music

Komm Heiden Heiland, Lösegeld

after St. Ambrose

J. Franck

Redeemer of the nations, come!

Ransom of earth, here make Thy home!

Bright Sun, oh dart Thy flame to earth,

For so shall God in Christ have birth!

Thou comest from Thy kingly throne,

O Son of God, the Virgin's Son!

Thou Hero of a twofold race,

Dost walk in might earth's darkest place.

Thou stoopest once to suffer here,

And risest o'er the starry sphere;

Hell's gates at thy descent were riven,

Thy ascent is to highest Heaven.

One with the Father! Prince of might!

O'er nature's realm assert Thy right,

Our sickly bodies pine to know

Thy heavenly strength, Thy living glow,

How bright Thy lowly manger beams!

Down earth's dark vale its glory streams,

The splendour of Thy natal night

Shines through all time in deathless light.

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