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“Because I Have Lived so Many Years”

Monday, 20.--We embarked between three and four in the morning, in a very small, inconvenient sloop, and not a swift sailer; 3838     Correct so that we were seven hours in sailing what is called seven leagues. About eleven we landed at St. Helier, and went straight to Mr. Brackenbury's house. It stands very pleasantly, near the end of the town; it has a large, convenient garden, with a lovely range of fruitful hills, which rise at a small distance from it. I preached in the evening to an exceedingly serious congregation on Matthew 3 [the last part]: almost as many were present at five in the morning, whom I exhorted to go on to perfection.

Tuesday, 21.--We took a walk to one of our friends in the country. Near his house stood what they call the college. It is a free school, designed to train up children for the university, exceedingly finely situated in a quiet recess surrounded by tall woods. Not far from it stands, on the top of a high hill (I suppose a Roman mount), an old chapel, believed to be the first Christian church which was built in the island. From hence we had a view of the whole island, the pleasantest I ever saw; as far superior to the Isle of Wight as that is to the Isle of Man. The little hills, almost covered with large trees, are inexpressibly beautiful; it seems they are to be equaled in the, Isle of Guernsey. In the evening I was obliged to preach abroad on "Now is the day of salvation" [II Cor. 6:2]. I think a blessing seldom fails to attend that subject.

Wednesday, 22.--In the evening, the room not containing the people, I was obliged to stand in the yard. I preached on Romans 3:22, 23; and spoke exceedingly plainly; even the gentry heard with deep attention. How little does God turn to His own glory! Probably many of these flock together, because I have lived so many years. And perhaps even this may be the means of their living forever.

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