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At the Governor's House

Friday, 17.--l waited upon the Governor and spent half an hour agreeably. In the afternoon we took a walk upon the pier, the largest and finest I ever saw. The town is swiftly increasing, new houses starting up on every side.

In the evening I did not attempt to go into the house, but stood near it in the yard, surrounded with tall, shady trees, and proclaimed to a large congregation, "God is a Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." I believe many were cut to the heart this hour, and some not a little comforted.

Saturday, 18.--Dr. Coke and I dined at the Governor's. I was well pleased to find other company. We conversed seriously for upwards of an hour with a sensible, well-bred, agreeable man. In the evening I preached to the largest congregation I have seen here.

Sunday, 19.--Joseph Bradford preached at six in the morning, at Montplaisir les Terres, to a numerous congregation. I preached at half an hour past eight, and the house contained the congregation. At ten I went to the French church, where there was a large and well-behaved congregation. At five we had the largest congregation of all.

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