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"Make Your Will before You Sleep"

Thursday, September 23.--In the evening one sat behind me in the pulpit at Bristol who was one of our first masters at Kingswood. A little after he left the school he likewise left the society. Riches then flowed in upon him, with which, having no relations, Mr. Spencer designed to do much good--after his death. "But God said unto him, Thou fool!" Two hours after he died intestate, and left all his money to be scrambled for!

Reader, if you have not done it already, make your will before you sleep!

Wednesday, October 6.--At eleven I preached in Winchester where there are four thousand five hundred French prisoners. I was glad to find they have plenty of wholesome food and are treated, in all respects, with great humanity.

In the evening I preached at Portsmouth Common. Thursday, 7. I took a view of the camp adjoining the town and wondered to find it as clean and as neat as a gentleman's garden. But there was no chaplain. The English soldiers of this age have nothing to do with God!

Friday, 8.--We took chaise, as usual, at two, and about eleven came to Cobham. Having a little leisure, I thought I could not employ it better than in taking a walk through the gardens. They are said to take up four hundred acres and are admirably well laid out. They far exceed the celebrated gardens at Stow.

This night I lodged in the new house at London. How many more nights have I to spend there?

1780. Sunday, January 23.--In the evening I retired to Lewisham, to prepare matter (who would believe it) for a monthly magazine. Friday, February 4, being the national fast, I preached first at the new chapel and then at St. Peter's Cornhill. What a difference in the congregation! Yet out of these stones God can raise up children to Abraham.

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