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Wesley Attended by Felons

Wednesday, July 21.--When I came to Coventry, I found notice had been given for my preaching in the park; but the heavy rain prevented. I sent to the Mayor, desiring the use of the town hall. He refused, but the same day gave the use of it to a dancing-master. I then went to the women's market. Many soon gathered together and listened with all seriousness. I preached there again the next morning, Thursday, 22, and again in the evening. Then I took coach for London. I was nobly attended: behind the coach were ten convicted felons, loudly blaspheming and rattling their chains; by my side sat a man with a loaded blunderbuss, and another upon the coach.

Sunday, 25.--Both the chapels were full enough. On Monday, I retired to Lewisham to write.

Tuesday, August 3.--Our Conference began; it continued and ended in peace and love. Sunday, 8. I was at West Street in the morning and at the new chapel in the evening, when I took a solemn leave of the affectionate congregation. This was the last night which I spent at the Foundry. What hath God wrought there in one-and-forty years!

Friday, August 13 (Monmouth).--As I was going down a steep pair of stairs, my foot slipped and I fell down several steps. Falling on the edge of one of them, it broke the case of an almanack, which was in my pocket, all to pieces. The edge of another stair met my right buckle and snapped the steel chape of it in two; but I was not hurt. So doth our good Master give His angels charge over us! In the evening I preached at Brecknock.

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