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Wesley Starts a Magazine

Monday, November 14.--Having been many times desired, for nearly forty years, to publish a magazine, I at length complied; and I now began to collect materials for it. If it once begin, I incline to think it will not end but with my life.

Wednesday, December 17.--Just at this time there was a combination among many of the post-chaise drivers on the Bath road, especially those that drove in the night, to deliver their passengers into each other's hands. One driver stopped at the spot they had appointed, where another waited to attack the chaise. In consequence of this many were robbed; but I had a good Protector, still. I have traveled all roads, by day and by night, for these forty years and never was interrupted yet.

1778. Friday, January 27, was the day appointed for the national fast; and it was observed with due solemnity. All shops were shut up; all was quiet in the streets; all places of public worship were crowded; no food was served up in the King's house till five o'clock in the evening. Thus far, at least, we acknowledge God may direct our paths.

Sunday, June 28.--I am this day seventy-five years old; and I do not find myself, blessed be God, any weaker than I was at five-and-twenty. This also hath God wrought!

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